Synchronization of the Implementation of Puskesos - SLRT

Synchronization of the Implementation of Puskesos - SLRT
JAKARTA (September 29th, 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs always try to strengthen of Puskesos (Social Welfare Centre) - SLRT (Integrated Referral Service System) in responding the future challenges, as a center for handling social problems and supporting the role of empowerment at the grassroots level.

In fulfilling the high hopes for Puskesos - SLRT, a meeting was held to synchronize the implementation of Puskesos - SLRT activities led by the Acting (Plt) Director of PSPKKM, Bambang Sugeng, via video conference with Mahkota team.

The quantity of Puskesos - SLRT has reached 150 SLRT and more than 7,000 Puskesos, demonstrating the extraordinary role of Puskesos - SLRT in solving social problems. Plt. Director of PSPKKM, Bambang Sugeng, said that in the future Puskesos - SLRT could become an icon of the Ministry of Social Affairs and now it has become a national issue that has received support from various sectors across Ministries / Institutions, so that it needs improvements in order to optimize the functions of Puskesos - SLRT.

"Strengthening the Puskesos - SLRT, whether in organization, human resources, institutions, infrastructure, software, dashboards, and the creation of NSPK is very much needed for the sustainability of Puskesos - SLRT. The next plan is that we will continue to encourage reservations for Puskesos - SLRT in districts / cities and villages, both through the state budget and massive regional support. Sustainable institutional strengthening is also important for Puskesos who have been fostered," said Bambang Sugeng.

Furthermore, Plt. Director of PSPKKM, conveyed the importance of socializing SIKS-NG SLRT module application as a tool to monitor the development of Puskesos - SLRT. In the future, it is also possible to build collaborations with other programs in the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation, Directorate General of Social Protection and Security, Directorate General for the Management of the Poor, and cross- Ministries/Institution such as the Ministry of Villages, Remote Areas and Transmigration, Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Health.

Mahkota, as a partner of the Ministry of Social Affairs, in this case the Directorate of PSPKKM for the implementation of Puskesos - SLRT, delivered plans for activities until December 2020. There are launching of the e-learning HR Management Training Center, Puskesos - SLRT e-learning, a National Webinar with the theme Good Practices for One Stop Social Service Implementation, coordination meetings and synergies in organizing Puskesos - SLRT, preparation of service SOPs and SOPs for Puskesos - SLRT interactions in updating DTKS, as well as facilitating the management of websites and social media as well as managing information and knowledge products of Puskesos - SLRT.

Some suggestions related to Puskesos - SLRT services were conveyed by the Head of Sub-Directorate for Social Welfare Institutions of the PSPKKM Directorate, Ibnu Solihin, so that the front office and back office services are carried out properly so that the community has a real desire to complain about the problem. Referrals also need to be a concern so that they can be resolved at the village / sub-district / district / city level with joint programs with OPD or other related Ministries/Institution. In the future, many local governments will be more focused on handling the pandemic, which is a challenge that is in the target allocation for Puskesos - SLRT in 2021.

At the meeting, the Head of Organization, Law and Public Relations of the Secretariat of the Directorate General of Social Empowerment, Serimika BR Karo, also said that with the support of the Mahkota publications team, they can collaborate together so that they can not only publish when there is an activity, but also can access and publish their progress and succeed. Puskesos - SLRT story through articles. Another suggestion is the creation of an electronic-based integrated information system not only for Puskesos - SLRT but also for all areas in the PSPKKM Directorate and updating the development of PSKS through the Dashboard, making it easier to monitor developments.

At the last meeting, Plt. Director of PSPKKM, Bambang Sugeng, expressed his appreciation to Mahkota. Support from Mahkota is very much needed in strengthening and conducting detailed evaluations to jointly formulate the Puskesos - SLRT program in the future so that it can be right on the target and useful for the user.

Writer :
OHH Dayasos
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OHH Dayasos ; Annisa YH
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Fia Arista Dewi

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