Special Attention of Ministry of Social Affairs for Traditional Villages in Indonesia

  • Special Attention of Ministry of Social Affairs for Traditional Villages in Indonesia
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TASIKMALAYA (16 September 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs pay a full attention on helping the community recovery due to the pandemic.

A total of 2,512 social assistance packages from the Ministry of Social Affairs were handed over by Grace Batubara to the residents of Tasikmalaya. A total of 112 packages for residents of Kampung Naga, Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya Regency and 2,400 packages for Tasikmalaya City residents through the Tasikmalaya City Arts Council, Simphoni Foundation, Toriqul Zanah Foundation, Akhlak Mulia Foundation and Al Furqon Foundation.

Ministry of Social Affairs' Dharma Wanita Persatuan Advisor Grace Batubara was present with his entourage to ease the burden on the residents of Tasikmalaya. We are trying not to let people falling down in facing this pandemic.

"Ministry of Social Affairs has special attention to traditional villages in Indonesia. This pandemic has indeed changed the socio-economic conditions. The impact is not only on the poor, but suddenly poor are also a lot. So now we try to meet the needs of the community and try to help all lines", he said. Grace Batubara.

Kampung Naga, which is known for its traditional life, respect for natural preservation and well-maintained customs, is one of the first locations visited by Grace Batubara. His presence at Balai Shawala, Kampung Naga, was welcomed by the Traditional Elders of Kampung Naga and the Head of Social, Community and Village Empowerment, Women's Empowerment and Child Protection in Tasikmalaya Regency, Roni A. Sahroni.

"It is a matter of pride and the highest appreciation, in the past 3 months Mrs. Grace has been present in our midst, providing various social assistance and motivating in dealing with pandemic situations", said Roni A. Sahroni.

Kampung Naga residents who are open to visits from outside communities, do not hesitate to share stories with Grace Batubara. Dede (40), a weaving craftsman, described his daily life during the pandemic.

"Mother used to sell handicrafts here, made woven brooms, baskets, trays, from sticks, bamboo, wood. If normal, Saturdays are usually crowded, but now there is COVID so I got nothing. I am very happy to be helped, Praised to Allah for the assistance, I hope it will be a good deed," added Dede.

Representing the feeling of a housewife from Kampung Naga, Yani (36), conveyed her simple dream for her child and husband to return to their normal activities as before the pandemic.

"My husband is a farmer, his side used to make trays and lunkhead holders from bamboo, but now there are no more orders from the city. My 3 children, have not gone to school, now the teacher comes to this village once a week. Thank you Ministry of Social Affairs for the help, We are very grateful, I hope this Corona will end quickly," said Yani.

A combination of music and dance accompanied the arrival of Grace Batubara and his entourage at the Tasikmalaya City Arts Building, Nagarawangi, Cihideung District, Tasikmalaya City. His arrival was received by the Deputy Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Muhammad Yusuf.

"Our economy is currently in a very bad condition. Since COVID-19, Tasik economy has slowed down, but the enthusiasm of the community to develop is quite visible and we are very grateful for that. Thank you for coming here, your presence is our motivation to continue to struggle for the welfare of the community, especially the PMKS," said Muhammad Yusuf.

Grace Batubara's presence provides positive energy for Wawan Rudiat (56), an arts worker, who is currently sluggish due to a pandemic storm.

"COVID-19 has had a huge impact, indirectly shutting down my artistic activities. Usually I’m a trainer and become a judge in poetry competitions. During this pandemic it completely stopped. Now everyday I drive a rickshaw and take part in guarding the parking lot. I hope the pandemic will pass quickly and activities return to normal. Thank you Ministry of Social Affairs for donating Tasik artists, hopefully it will motivate us even more, "added Wawan Rudiat.

Present at the activities were the Director of Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment, the Head of BBPPKS Bandung, Technical Team of the Minister for Social Empowerment, members of the Dharma Wanita Association of the Ministry of Social Affairs Ms. Syifa Asep Sasa, Mrs. Betty Laode Taufik, Mrs. Eka Lara Hotman, Mrs. Krisna Dewi Marzuki. Also attending the events were the Elders of Kampung Naga, Chairperson of the Tasikmalaya City MUI, Head of the Tasikmalaya City Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism Office, Deputy Chair of the Tasikmalaya City DPRD and the Chair of the Tasikmalaya City Arts Council.

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OHH Dayasos
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OHH Dayasos; Intan Qonita N
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Fia Arista Dewi

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