Social Minister: We Work with Sense of Crisis

Social Minister: We Work with Sense of Crisis
Bandung (July 5, 2020) – From all Ministries/Institutions, The Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) should be grateful, for achieving the highest budget absorption.

"It should be appreciated that the highest Ministry of Social Affairs budget realization of all Ministries/Institutions with a budget ceiling of Rp 104.453 trillion has been realized at Rp 65.026 trillion or 62.25%," said Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P. Batubara when directly observing the process of distributing Cash Social Assistance (BST) in Katapang Pasung Village and Sekarwangi Village, located in Bandung Regency and Bandung City, Saturday (4/7/2020).

Of course, said Juliari, the high realization of budget absorption as a result of the acceleration and breakthrough work carried out, so as to be able to move the economic wheels of society.

"We are accelerating for all types of shopping, both for social assistance, capital, and goods. The acceleration has driven the people's economy in accordance with the direction of the President, "said Juliari.

Minister of Social Affairs Juliari Social continued checking the distribution of BST at the Bandung Post Office, once asking for the Beneficiary Family (KPM) recipients of BST so that social assistance received by the community could continue to be numerous.

"There are many social media, there are from the central, provincial, district / city government. If you have not received because you have to wait their turn. I hope you can be patient, "added Juliari.

The total recipients of BST in West Java Province were 1,150,254 households (KK) with a total value of Rp 2,070,457,200,000.

"In Bandung regency there are 99,575 Households (KK) recipients of BST worth Rp 179,235,000,000, Bandung City has recorded 70,069 Households (KK) recipients of BST Rp 126,124,200,000," said Minister of Social Affairs Juliari.

The high realization of the Ministry of Social Affairs budget absorption is inseparable from the sense of crisis that can be seen from various breakthroughs made instructed both internally and by partners.

"We instruct PT Pos Indonesia to increase the duration of services from morning to night, move all resources aside from adding counters and distribution points in the community, such as village and village offices, schools, and hamlet posts," said Juliari.

In distributing BST, it is carried out simultaneously, which is in unison with the updating of data, in addition to speeding up and increasing the accuracy of targets.

"I think this is no less important, namely adding transportation providers and vendors, and reducing social assistance items with the same value," said Juliari.

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