Beware of "Proxy War", Social Minister Asks Students to Strengthen National Identity

Beware of "Proxy War", Social Minister Asks Students to Strengthen National Identity
JAKARTA (3 October 2020) - Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P. Batubara reminded that the future of the nation is determined by students. The Minister of Social Affairs advised students to be aware of negative influences on social media which could be an indication of a proxy war.

Social Minister Juliari emphasized that competition between nations is still ongoing today in many forms, including what is known as a proxy war, a war waged through other parties, or indirectly, through information channels.

Information is now developing widely and rapidly in line with increasingly sophisticated communication technology innovations and the support of the internet. "From here, unverified information spreads. I’m afraid that many people draw conclusions without checking the truth, ”said Juliari Batubara at the General Stadium of Semarang State University, Saturday (03/10/2020).

In his remarks via video conference, Minister of Social Affairs Ari stated that this shows that the current competition is not only understood in a local or national context but is already on a global scale.

"That's what happened. "Currently, the competition is not only between students in Indonesia, or students of UNESA and other universities, but also all students all over the world," he said.

We can actually block all internet networks, as China has done. Thus no information enters. "But this is not a good choice. Because we will be like frogs under a coconut shell. Of course, we do not want this, "he said.

Therefore, Minister of Social Affairs Ari advised that students, as determinants of the nation's future, need to prepare themselves to face these challenges. "The filter is now the students themselves," he said.

In the midst of the swift flow of information, many of which are untrue, he said, students need to re-explore noble values, national identity, and understand the foundation of the nation.

“Realize who we all are. We are Indonesian. As Indonesians, it is only natural that we adapt Indonesian culture, not American culture, not Chinese culture, not Arabic culture, and so on, "he said.

Indonesia has its own cultural value that is mutual cooperation. "One of our basic values is mutual cooperation. This is a typical value that cannot be found in other countries.  We are a nation that cares and doesn't hesitate to share. All the burdens of problems are shared with other elements of the nation, "he said.

Social Minister Ari sees that now the culture of mutual cooperation has started to thin out. Caring attitude towards fellow citizens of the nation is no longer prominent. "I am sure all religions teach care and love for others. Therefore, I ask young people to strengthen their readiness to care in the society, "he said.

It is also important to know and understand the history of the nation. "That this nation was formed not based on certain groups nor colours. But standing on diversity, "he said.

Therefore, he advised students to maintain and strengthen the noble values of the nation in the midst of shifting values and current rapid developments.

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Ministry of Social Affairs

Writer :
Koesworo Setiawan
Translator :
Nia Annisa

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