Social Minister Asks for Civil Servants Candidate to Commit

Social Minister Asks for Civil Servants Candidate to Commit

JAKARTA (July 8, 2019) - Minister of Social Affairs Agus Gumiwang Kartasamita advised prospective civil servants who are currently undergoing training to hold fast to Pancasila and not be tempted to corruption.

"Those who are now participating in the training have been tested for their abilities because they were selected from thousands of applicants. I ask them to hold fast to Pancasila and be able to ward off radical ideologies so that they will later become servants of a state clean of KKN," said the Minister after opening Basic Training of Civil Servant Candidates Group III Ministry of Social Affairs 2019 at the Social Welfare Training Center, Jakarta, Monday (07/08/2019).

Attending the event were the Head of the Social Training and Counseling Education Board Harry Z. Soeratin, Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Affairs Hartono Laras, representatives from the State Administration Institute, representatives from the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia, officials of the High and Middle Leaders in the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs.

Furthermore, the Minister emphasized the strengthening of the ideology and morals of the apparatus is part of the internal challenges that must be faced by the Ministry of Social Affairs. In the internal sphere, the Minister of Social Affairs also stressed the importance of developing an adaptive leadership.

According to the Minister the adaptive leadership is an internal challenge, which must be answered by forming an environment conducive to the creation of a healthy organizational work culture that supports the development of competencies and encourages innovation.

The Minister emphasized the importance of adaptability for the Ministry of Social Human Resources. "Because adaptive human resources are expected to be able to answer increasingly complex and dynamic external challenges," said the Minister.

Furthermore, the Minister said that in the external realm, the Social Ministry's main challenge was how to prepare its human resources in facing the negative effects of globalization.

"Globalization has raised crucial issues whose handling cannot be done with old patterns or ways of working," said the Minister.

Some of the challenges Social Minister referred to were the increase in the number of Persons with Social Welfare Problems (PMKS), drug victims, HIV AIDS sufferers, epidemics, maternal and child mortality, protection of children and women, victims of natural disasters and victims of social disasters to terrorism efforts.

"This has all become a problem that requires the presence of the state. Like it or not, the Ministry of Social Affairs is required to provide human resources with the best competencies to help solve the various problems above," the Minister added.

Social Ministry employees are not only required to have mastery of knowledge, but also mastery of technology and empathy in handling social problems 4.0, man power learning, strengthening performance.

On the same occasion, Harry Z Soeratin reported to the Minister of Social Affairs, the purpose and objective of organizing this basic training was to form professional civil servants that were formed through behavioral attitudes of the Defending the Country, Basic Values of CPNS, knowledge of the role and position of civil servants in the Republic of Indonesia and mastering their fields of work as a public servant.

"Basic Training of Civil Servant Candidates Group III of the Ministry of Social Affairs in 2019 was attended by 156 people who were divided based on the work unit placement," said Harry.

No less important, Harry said, in 2019 LAN had conducted a re-accreditation for the Education and Training Center for organizing the Leadership Training III and the Organizing of CPNS Gol III and Gol II.

"The results of the LAN trial gave the title of A for the five-year period of organizing the three types of education and training above," said Harry.

Head of the Public Relations Bureau of Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs

Sonny W. Manalu

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Koesworo Setiawan
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Intan Qonita N

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