Ministry of Social Affairs Ensures Social Aid Reaches Remote Areas

Ministry of Social Affairs Ensures Social Aid Reaches Remote Areas

JAKARTA (6 October 2020) - Social Minister Juliari P Batubara ensures that the state is present for all citizens throughout the country. The government through the Ministry of Social Affairs overcomes the impact of the pandemic by distributing social assistance to the poor and vulnerable in the country, including in the outermost, underdeveloped and frontier regions (3T) areas.

Not included in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) yet, community groups such as Remote Indigenous Communities are guaranteed to receive social aid.

"We provide them with Cash Social Aid (BST). This is a form of state presence for all citizens, including those in the 3T area," said Social Minister Juliari, (06/10).

On a different occasion, the Head of the Planning Bureau of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Adhy Karyono, explained. The distribution of BST for indigenous communities has entered the second period in July-December.

Adhy explained, a part of the BST for Remote Indigenous Communities (KAT) has been distributed, especially in Papua, West Papua, North Maluku and several outer islands.

The Ministry of Social Affairs distributes BST worth IDR 300 thousand per month which is distributed once every three months in two stages, April-June and July-December 2020.

In general, the community is involved in the distribution of social aid because they have not been included in Sembako Program or the Family Hope Program (PKH).

The distribution of social aid is carried out through the community or customary officials by gathering members of the community.

The distribution in several small islands in North Kalimantan and Jambi also involves the indigenous communities. 

The challenge in distributing aid to indigenous communities, according to Adhy, is the different concept of number of recipients. This is because in local communities, for example Papua and West Papua, there is a concept where every member of the community needs the aid.

"So we recalculate the aid and depend on the tribal chiefs or customary officials to regulate it," he said.

Through the customary communities, the social aid distribution schedule can be determined. The Ministry of Social Affairs officer comes by motorized vehicle and opens the counter at that location and distributes the aid immediately.

"Essentially, the community means to do the payment (distribution) to the clustered residential areas," he said.

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Ministry of Social Affairs

Writer :
Koesworo Setiawan
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Nia Annisa

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