Ministry of Social Affairs Continues to Help People Affected COVID-19

Ministry of Social Affairs Continues to Help People Affected COVID-19
PALEMBANG (24 September 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs has never stopped paying attention to the community by distributing various kinds of social assistance to anyone affected by COVID-19.

This time, Dharma Wanita Association Advisor Grace Batubara brought happiness in the form of social assistance from Ministry of Social Affairs for residents of Ogan Ilir Regency, South Sumatra.

A total of 2,000 basic food packages were given to residents who were in need, underprivileged, and who were affected by the economy due to COVID-19 in South Indralaya District, Ogan Ilir Regency.

"Along with Dharma Wanita Ministry of Social Affairs here to carry out humanitarian activities. We all understand that Indonesian is experiencing a huge disaster due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” explained Grace Batubara.

The arrival of Mrs. Grace Batubara was warmly welcomed by the Regent of Ogan Ilir's wife at the District Office Pemulungan South. Basic food assistance is symbolically given to Rumah Anak Bangsa Foundation to be distributed to residents who are entitled to receive it in the areas of Sungai Lebung Village and Rantau Panjang Village.

It did not stop there, Grace Batubara also spend the time to visit several houses to distribute the food assistance to the recipients in Indralaya Selatan District.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact that has not only paralyzed some people, but the whole world has also felt the same way. Losing a job, reduced income, difficulty in finding food makes things change.

Starting from the aspects of education, economy, health, to social, it has also undergone significant changes that put people in a quite difficult situation. This is made the government through the Ministry of Social Affairs took a step to continue to help the community as a form of state presence for its citizens.

Grace Batubara also advised that COVID-19 is real, not something engineered or man-made. COVID-19 is truly in the midst of all of us, therefore we all have to implement health protocols and something that must be done by anyone, from wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance.

Also attending the activities were Director of Social Assistance Fund Resources Management, Mrs. Lily Pepen Nazaruddin, Mrs. Syfa Asep Sasa, Mrs. Eka Hotman, Mrs. Bety La Ode Taufik, Mrs. Adi Wahyono, Mrs. Amin Raharjo, Regional Assistant I, Secretary of the South Sumatra Province Social Service, DPR RI members, Head of the Ogan Ilir District Social Service, Head of South Pemulutan Sub-District, Head of Rantau Panjang Sub-District, Head of Sungai Lebung Village.

Writer :
Fia Arista Dewi
Editor :
OHH Dayasos ; Annisa YH
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Fia Arista Dewi

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