Coordination Meeting for HKSN 2020

Coordination Meeting for HKSN 2020
BOGOR (25 September 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs always encourages and instill a spirit of social solidarity to the community. Social solidarity is a basic value that is manifested in the form of thoughts, attitudes, and actions of caring and sharing which are based on willingness, loyalty, togetherness, tolerance and equality in order to increase the dignity and self-respect of every Indonesian citizen.

Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto chaired the preparatory meeting for the 2020 National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) at Pullman Vimala Hills Hotel, Bogor. Meetings are held virtually via zoom meetings. This is the first meeting held to discuss the HKSN commemoration 2020 which is centered in North Sulawesi Province. The meeting discussed themes, agendas, activity plans, communication strategies, publications, and other things in the HKSN commemoration 2020 activities series.

December 20th is the National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) which is routinely commemorated by the Indonesian. This year, HKSN commemoration will be different from previous years. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has not yet subsided, there will be limited activities. The Covid-19 health protocol must still be applied to break the chain of the spreading of Covid-19.

Secretary of the Social Service of North Sulawesi Province, Soni Umboh explained in advance the activity plan in the framework of the HKSN 2020. Starting from the theme offered, "National Solidarity to Humanize Humans", activity plans to be implemented from pre, during and after HKSN, activity layouts, gimmics - merchandise, implementation at the peak event, as well as HKSN 2020 publication through outdoor media, online media, print media, electronic media and social media.

"The HKSN 2020 activities which will be held in North Sulawesi Province will start with pre-events (promotions and publications), social services in 8 districts / cities and the top HKSN event which is scheduled for a webinar / teleconfrence with the President. We have also made promotional media, promotional videos to support the publication of HKSN in 2020," said Soni.

Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto responded positively to this. He said that the concept of the 2020 HKSN commemoration submitted by the Secretary of the North Sulawesi Province Social Service was already fine.

"I welcome the extraordinary initiative of the Social Service of North Sulawesi Province. The concept that was presented is very good. By combining online and offline activities. So this year's HKSN commemoration model will certainly be different from previous years," said Edi Suharto.

Several meeting participants also provided feedback and input. Among others, a suggestion from the Head of the Finance Bureau Mira Riyati Kurniasih. He said that HKSN activities must not be separated from social, economic and health activities.

"The implementation of HKSN should be focused on health and economy, for example, social services, of course, need to pay attention not to crowds while still paying attention to the Covid-19 health protocol. In addition, involving NGOs and the Business World in implementing rapid tests, swab tests, also involves millennials," said Mira.

Furthermore, Mira added that the Kick off had to start immediately in October, so that HKSN news could be heard and the HKSN theme had to be discussed first.

Kris Budiarjo, Chairperson of the HKSN 2019 who also attended the meeting, said that the essence of social solidarity is social participation from the community.

"HKSN 2020 focuses on the health sector and the socio-economic sector. We are carrying out a Social Solidarity Movement from the community component to fight Covid 19, accommodating regional and central movements in handling Covid 19 such as the massive rapid test," Kris said.

At the end of the meeting, the Director of K2KRS Joko Irianto who became the meeting moderator conveyed several points, namely, First, Determining the theme of the 2020 HKSN must be discussed and determined immediately, considering that the HKSN kick off must be implemented immediately to promote social solidarity. Second, There must be a coherent integration between the center and the regions as well as good coordination, so that HKSN warnings can be seen throughout Indonesia. Third, regarding online implementation, there must be careful preparation to minimize technical problems. Fourth, The implementation of HKSN 2020 activities must be able to implement social solidarity to fight Covid. For example, free medical treatment, which is always done during HKSN, can be replaced with a rapid test or test swap so that it helps the government also break the chain of spreading Covid-19. Fifth, invite PUB organizers to be involved in social activities in the framework of HKSN 2020.

Also attending the meeting of Director of Remote Indegenous Community Empowerment, Secretary of the Directorate General of Social Empowerment as well as Plt. Director of PSPKKM, Head of Public Relations Bureau, and other parties who involved in this events.

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