BSB Distribution Progress Meeting in West Java Region

BSB Distribution Progress Meeting in West Java Region
BANDUNG (3 October 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs ensures the distribution of Rice Social Assistance (BSB) in the Kab. Bandung can run smoothly.

In this case, Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto carried out and directly chaired the West Java Regional Rice Social Assistance Distribution Progress Meeting (BSB). The Coordination Meeting (Rakor) was held at West Java Region BULOG Perum Office. The coordination meeting was attended by representatives from PSPKKM Directorate, Perum BULOG, PT.BGR transporters, and the local Social Service.

The meeting agenda discussed the progress of the realization of the distribution of BSB to beneficiaries in West Java Region. In addition, it also discusses the obstacles faced by BULOG, Transporter and PKH Facilitators in BSB distribution process.

In his direction, Edi Suharto encouraged the acceleration of the realization of BSB distribution for West Java. So that the realization of the BSB Phase 1 and 2 distribution targets in the first week of October can reach 100%.

"I want to hear from PKH Facilitators, Social Services, Transporter PT. BGR, as well as from Perum BULOG, regarding the progress of this BSB distribution. What are the existing constraints, then what steps are being taken to complete the distribution of BSB in October? The distribution of BSB 1 and 2 stages must have been completed in September, "said Edi Suharto

West Java Province BULOG Regional Leader Taufan said that Perum BULOG continues to strive to ensure quality and quantity are as expected by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

"Hopefully with the accelerated rate of distribution of Rice Social Assistance, we can fulfill it by the end of October. And from 27 regencies / cities in West Java, only Cirebon City has not been distributed due to delays and will be distributed tomorrow," Taufan explained.

West Java Province for the distribution of BSB reached a realization rate of 28%, for 3 months distribution. West Java's rice stock until October was relatively stable. With an average rice supply of 1,500 tons / day and savings of rice stock reaching 25,989 thousand tons, it is ready to be transported and distributed.

Regarding the distribution in the field, West Java PKH Coordinator Ahmad Labudi said that PKH Facilitators were very enthusiastic about welcoming the BSB which would be distributed to PKH beneficiaries.

"Beside PKH facilitators, village / sub-district officials are also directly involved. And for distribution points there are those at the village office, some at the KPM house, some at KUBE places. Determining the distribution location of course has coordinated with District and Village officials," said Labudi.

In his speech in front of the meeting participants, City Coordinator PKH Facilitator Bandung, Korkab PKH Facilitator Kab. Bandung, and the West Java PKH Assistance Regional Office conveyed the obstacles that occurred in the field in the distribution of BSB, and provided several inputs, including:

1. PKH Facilitators in the field are very ready to assist the distribution of the BSB

2. The tonnage issued per day from BULOG's warehouse must be continuously increased so that the distribution target can be achieved.

3. Fleet readiness from the transporter PT. BGR must be prepared.

4. Many of the drivers from the transporter when they go to the field do not bring porters, so the extra PKH facilitators take the initiative to help unload the rice.

5. PKH facilitators in several areas have to pay their own money to hire transport workers. Because there are no transport workers provided by the transporter to unload the rice from the trucks at the distribution locations.

6. There are some areas that are difficult to reach. The transporter car cannot enter so it requires a small car. And please follow up and consider.

At the end of the meeting, Edi Suharto really appreciated the extraordinary input from the Korwil, Korkab, and Korkot Facilitating PKH, Provincial / District / City Social Service, Perum BULOG, and PT. BGR. Of course, the results of the meeting will be followed up soon.

"There are several things that we must pay attention to. First, related to the findings of plastic rice. I think this has reached law enforcement. And hopefully it can be followed up by the police. Hopefully this can be handled immediately. Furthermore, for the distribution of this BSB still has to be done and still have to pay attention to the Covid-19 health protocol. Also related to scheduling, the distribution sequence can be arranged, "said Edi Suharto.

Also attending the meeting were echelon III, IV officials of the PSPKKM Directorate, echelon II, III, IV officials from the Social Service of Kab. Bandung, echelon III, IV West Java Province Social Service officials, echelon III, IV Perum BULOG Bandung, PKH Regional IV West Java Korwil PKH, Bandung City PKH Facilitating Headquarters, PKH Associate Head Office Kab. Bandung, Kadivre PT BGR, and VP Operation PT. BGR.

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OHH Dayasos
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