120,000 KPM PKH Cirebon Will Receive Rice Social Assistance Soon

  • 120,000 KPM PKH Cirebon Will Receive Rice Social Assistance Soon
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CIREBON (17 September 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs has started distributing Rice Social Assistance (BSB) in several regions of Indonesia. One of them is in Cirebon, West Java. A total of 120,000 KPM PKH will immediately receive BSB. The target of the BSB program is 10 million KPM PKH. This was done because KPM PKH was still a vulnerable and poor family so it needs an extra attention from the government, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, as many as 357 PKH KPMs in Kedungdawa Village, Kedawung District, Cirebon Regency received BSB. Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P. Batubara witnessed the symbolic handover in the courtyard of the Kuwu Kedungdawa Village Office. BSB was handed over by the Director General of Social Empowerment, the Director General of Social Protection and Security, and the Regent of Cirebon to the 3 KPM PKH representatives. At the time of submission, the COVID-19 health protocol was still applied. Starting from wearing a mask, keeping the distance, and not making a crowd.

"This is assistance from President through the Ministry of Social Affairs in collaboration with BULOG. You will get 15 kilos three times. But because today we are happy, we give it twice at a time, which is 30kg. Then, next month you will get another 15 kilos one more time," explained Minister of Social Affairs in his speech.

The distribution of BSB is targeted for completion in November. And the Minister of Social Affairs also advised that all parties can help to oversee the distribution process of BSB.

"Hopefully this program will be right on target. BULOG, Transporter, expected to cooperate with local government and PKH facilitators, as well as law enforcement officials," continued the Minister of Social Affairs.

BSB program is one of the Social Safety Nets (JPS) launched by the government as an effort to reduce the expenditure burden of KPM PKH during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rice distributed for this BSB program is medium rice. The fulfillment of BSB is in synergy with Perum BULOG, Social Service, transporters, and PKH assistants. With the provision of additional basic necessities in the form of rice, it is hoped that KPM can be fulfilled.

Tri Astuti, PKH Facilitator of Kedungdawa Village who was also present at the distribution time conveyed the existence of KPM PKH in the village.

"In Kedungdawa Village, I happened to accompany 357 KPM PKH. In this village there has been PKH since 2013. Today we plan to distribute Rice from Ministry of Social Affairs. For the distribution of BSB, we will carry it out at the village sports hall not far from the Village Hall here. And it is done in some stages so that there will be no crowd,” said Tri Astuti.

Tri Astuti also said that the data provided was accurate. In accordance with what is in the field. The existence of BSB has benefited KPM, one of which is Mrs. Neneng, a resident of Kedungdawa Village.

“I have one child, I am a housewife. My husband works as a factory worker. I received PKH from 2013. Today I got 30 kilos of rice aid. Later next month, receive another 15 kilos. I will use this for my daily meals,” said Neneng.

After handedover BSB in Kuwu Kedungdawa Village, Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs and his entourage visited Pegambiran BULOG warehouse in Cirebon Regency. Minister of Social Affairs checks the availability of BSB stocks and ensures the quality and quantity of the 15kg packaging BSB. Minister of Social Affairs also conducted a cooking test of medium rice which would be distributed to KPM PKH from the warehouse. The Minister of Social Affairs also took the time to check the weight of rice in 15 kg packages which was taken randomly. To ensure the weighing scale is not less than 15kg.

Also attending the activities of the Director of Family Social Security, Plt. Director of Social Empowerment for Individuals, Families, and Community Institutions, representatives from BULOG, representatives from BGR.

On the same day, Secretary of the Directorate General of Social Empowerment Bambang Sugeng also symbolically distributed BSB in Panongan Village, Palimanan District, Cirebon Regency. A total of 356 KPM PKH will receive BSB in the village. The distribution activity in Panongan Village was also attended by the Head of Sub Directorate of LKS Directorate PSPKKM, Head of Social Service of Cirebon Regency, Secretary of Palimanan Sub-District, Head of Panongan Village, and representatives of BGR transporter.

Writer :
OHH Dayasos
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OHH Dayasos; Aryokta Ismawan
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Fia Arista Dewi

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